Bringing Product Development + Process Together


The next generation of UX+DEV SUMMIT is back for it's 2nd annual conference happening Winter 2017. This year we will be hands on in UX+DEV areas, integrating and engaging various areas of product development and process in our fields.

In the today’s “age of experience” having a deep understanding of user experience as well as application development is critical to having a great product.

Furthermore, many companies have understood the value of having a product that has great usability and experience which is critical to compete in today’s fast pace world. Knowing how to create these processes that lead to defining great user experiences and development are key ingredients to a product success and adoption.

We’ll be covering topics from both perspectives by bringing both fields together with discussions and workshops  that will focus on both points of views throughout the conference.

Whether you are building a new app, updating an existing application's user interface, or building the next experience, attendees will be “hands-on” throughout the conference learning and applying the best techniques from industry leaders, through interactive talks and workshops, covering both areas of product development and process.


UX+DEV SUMMIT is actively accepting speaking proposals for 2017


If you’re an expert with User Experience or Front End Development case studies, workshops, tools, frameworks or technologies, we are looking for talented individuals like you. We’re interested in beginner, intermediate and advanced talks too.


UX+DEV SUMMIT sponsorships provide companies with an opportunity to connect with professionals involved with: user experience, interaction design, information / ux architecture, Front-End Developers that use AngularJS, Ionic, EcmaScript2015, ReactJS, mean/full stack, RxJS and more!

Hands-on and Untraditional in Everyway.

Attendees throughout the conference will learn first thing from industry leading experts. Gain hands-on training in an immersive and engag manner. Learn cutting edge practices in User Experience and Development and being part of the creative movement as this conference places you in its immersive experience


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