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Product Development with AngularJS (1.x)


Workshop Overview
Skill-set: Beginner - Intermediate

For years, Google’s Popular Framework Angular has been changing the way we develop applications. With the release of Angular, Front-End Developers and Designers will be  equipped to influence, develop, and innovate with our product development course.

Working successfully with Angular, you’ll be able to develop applications that will focus on  rapid development while creating applications based on great user experience from Day 1.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to help Front-End Developer professionals, UX professionals, Web Designers, Managers and Entrepreneurs looking to develop Modern UI applications that leverage the Angular ecosystem. This course has been developed for:

Front-End Developers and Web Designers with a background in:

  •  HTML5

  •  JavaScript

  •  CSS

  •  AngularJS 1.x

What You'll Learn

This course is best suited for individuals who are looking to quickly get into using AngularJS with minimal effort. This course focuses on a solution oriented approach.

  •  Using NPM, Bower w/ Angular

  •  JQuery w/ Angular

  •  Creating Modules, Controlers, Directives, Filters

  •  Create methods, variables, buttons, sharing information between Controllers, Filtering Currencies, Dates

  •  Developing Custom Filters and Directives, passing parameters, configuring scopes, controllers on directives and abstracting templates.

  •  Creating Hashbang Urls, Configuring Pretty URLs

  •  Creating RESTful webservices, orchestration using Angular Promises

  •  Using Angular 1.4.x Features and Forms

  •  Developing Unit Tests, Mocking Objects and End-2-End

Topics Covered

  • Code: Write a front end application using AngularJS.

  •  Write: Modules, Controllers, Directives, Services and Custom Directives

  •  Integrate: third party libraries into your app

  •  Run: Your App on NodeJS with http-server


This course has been designed to help attendees learn, analyze, assess, and create apps that will be based on good UX principles from the onset. Short periods of lecture will set the context for hands-on exercises, planning, and group discussions.

By the end of the class, you will have your own angular 2 application.

Food: Beverages and snacks will be available throughout the course. Lunch is not provided.

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