When is the last time you used a web app or mobile app that really made you want to come back?  In all possibility the developers, designers and user experience folks had been thinking hard about combining ease of use with layout and presentation while combining targeted researched information and creating a scalable, powerful and innovative product to bring you something engaging and delightful to use. That's not easy!

UX+DEV Summit is all about engaging various areas of IT to bring together truly compelling and beautiful works of art..we mean apps.

Originally in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the UX+DEV Summit is an annual occasion that showcases the system of a product from conception to completion. This year’s conference will feature full vigour-packed days of dynamic keynotes, panels, workshops, revelations, and enjoyment.

In this day’s technological know-how, a re-occurring pattern is separation of product and consumer. Even as imagineers excel at offering merchandise and solutions, they are susceptible of being unfamiliar with their targeted audience. Understanding the fundamental needs of a market is the beginning of defining a products appeal. Combining it with cutting edge technology, captivating User Interfaces that are rich in SEO, implemented on rich data-analysis and market’d research that provides a high caliber solution to create the ultimate product.

At the UX+DEV Summit, we hope to convey an experience in contrast to other conferences which focus solely on one discipline. There has been so much high-quality technological advancement in recent years and we (as the innovators) have absolutely paved ways.  However in those satisfactory achievements it's easy to lose center of attention on the intended user and how their experience is affected by the decisions we make.

From the dry erase or asel boards to monetization and product release; every step of the product process has a unique and equally important imposed role. Neglecting the user interface may also be as devastating as protection vulnerability.  In contrast, what is excellence if a cool app has no customers?  By way of specializing in the client persona, and focusing on consumer demographics, you can aid your users and provide a better product.

UX+DEV Summit is dedicated to these beliefs and pursuits. We are conference that drives to create the ultimate app by combining the best of complementing fields with one another.