Almost There – Have You Heard about Our Latest Surprise?

The 2017 UX+DEV Summit is literally just around the corner. With less than 24 hours until the grand opening, we’re still too excited to keep this surprise to ourselves. Drum roll, please…

You’re All Invited to a Design-A-Thon

Ready for the ultimate challenge? The Red Zone team will give UX+DEV participants the unique opportunity to work on a real product and improve its UX and UI.

It gets even better: you’re not just allowed, but also encouraged to tear it down, belittle it and criticize it as much as possible. Then, of course, come up with a better solution.

The challenge will be announced during the first day. Of course, we don’t expect results right away. Sit on it for a while, listen to the keynotes and pay attention in the workshop. In the third day, present your mind-blowing solution to a panel of judges and…

Receive a CASH prize

If your solution is the best, of course! You will be judged on:

  • Ideation and concept
  • Your process and approach
  • Wireframes, drawings and or prototype of your user interface
  • Solution
  • Presentation

You can work separately or in teams, it’s entirely up to you! Plus, the speakers and coaches will mentor you throughout the three days and help you come up with the best UX and UI solution.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an experienced designer or developer to enter the Design-A-Thon. You just have to have a passion for user-centric UX/UI – like all of us here.

Learn from the Best

We agree, the Design-A-Thon is awesome, but there’s so much more to the 2017 UX+DEV Summit. Take a look at our agenda here; it’s filled with exciting workshops and keynotes held by industry leaders in design, development and IoT.

We put together this event because of a very simple mission: we want to make sure that the next generation of designers and developers is the best it can be and that the current generation is always improving itself.

OK, we admit: it’s not quite a simple mission. But, just like any designer or developer worth his title, we also love a challenge. Plus, we believe in playing your part and in meaningful contributions. The UX+DEV Summit is our way to give something back to this wonderful community.

Come join us to learn, network and even win a cash prize!


What Does the Web Hold in Stock for 2017

The unique blend of rapid bring-up, instant publishing and global audience make the WWW one of the most dynamic and fast-paced media of our days. It goes without saying that it is the user-facing components of the web that take the crown when it comes to fast pace, which poses unique challenges for the back-end code and for server-facing and user-facing code integration.

But code doesn't write itself and user interfaces don't just spring into existence; this fast-paced environment poses unique collaboration challenges for engineering and design teams, and for those who are tasked with supervising and smoothing their collaboration. This will be particularly challenging as 2017 is likely to be a turning point for cyber security and for the e-world in general.

2017 will be all about collaboration

2017 will be all about collaboration

Knowing what to expect is half the battle, they say; what does 2017 hold in stock?

Data Visualization and Exploration

There are two words that describe what is, perhaps, the most heated debate on information ethics in the last decade: “fake news”. The challenge of separating fact from rumor has been superseded by the more daunting task of separating fact from complete fiction. This has made readers more wary not only of sources, but also of their interpretation.

Being able to provide supporting data is not only about credibility, but also about empowerment: when well-presented, it allows readers to test their own assumptions, make up their own minds and explore their own hypotheses. Advanced, interactive data visualization and data exploration techniques can blur the border between reporters and readers and turn the old-style one-way flow of information into the two-way social lane that the modern web is.

We expect not only an improvement in the responsiveness and overall user experience of existing data visualization solution, but a more audacious search for newer and better UI metaphors. The accent will shift from mere visualization towards exploration, as the focus of the experience will shift from mere understanding towards building new mental models.

Color and Expression

2015 and 2016 have seen us testing – and quite possibly reaching the limits of – hardline minimalism. It is by now clear to everyone that honest design is the right support for the sort of personal, seamless experience that users expect. But there are critics who would argue that we've been threading too close to the border between “subtle” and “featureless”. Users and designers alike are longing for a more personal experience.

Color is the most natural channel of expression, and it has not been explored enough. We expect this to change in 2017, as designers will strive to make user experience more personal without compromising on its honesty and clarity.

A Shorter Loop

Blending the borders between front-end and back-end, between programming and design, and between product engineering and feature implementation are trends that we expect to continue. Their natural consequence will be an even shorter development loop, a more energic and seamless collaboration between design and engineering specialists.

The loop will be shortened both from within and from without. From within we expect to see design and engineering teams sharing even more elements of their work and engaging each other to a higher degree. From without, we're already seeing team leaders and managers trying to shift their focus from coordinating product development efforts to architecting user experience, an act in which the product is the means, rather than the aim.

Wider Integration, Converged Experience

Two years ago, Cortana was a nifty new gimmick, but it was still more an experiment than a feature. Today, Cortana is an element of the daily life and work of millions of users; but more importantly, it's the one constant presence across all devices of an ecosystem, and it has the potential to be the underlying personal fiber of the converged desktop experience.

How users perceive the web will be directly influenced by these two converging (no pun intended!) trends. It remains to be seen how the industry will be able to deal with the fact that devices will augment each other, rather than serve different use cases. Users will expect a more uniform experience, but as the Windows 8 fiasco has shown us, the same experience is not the right way to fulfill this expectation.

Need to know more about the web trends that will mark your career and your business? Join us at the 2017 UX+DEV Summit.

Some of the Goodies The 2017 UX+DEV Summit Has in Store for You


f you already have your ticket for the 2017 UX+DEV Summit, then, just like us, you must be super-excited (by the way, if you don’t have your ticket yet, you can still get it here). We’re so proud of the “line-up” for this year that we thought we’d brag about it a bit, so brace yourselves!


The Keynotes Every Disruptor in the Field Must Attend

After our bright and early start at 8:00 (don’t worry, you have until 9:00 to pick up your badges), we dive right into the summit with opening remarks from Bermon Painter. We will then move on to Jacqueline Stetson Pastore, the founder of UX Gofer, whose keynote will shed some light on what Tactical Product Design really is, from project management to mock-ups and animations.

Did you know that RRR-rated architectures are the hottest thing in UX right now? If not, you will find out from Luis Atencio why this is happening and how to implement them. Next, Mike Donahue will speak about how easy it can be to design apps that everyone enjoys, irrespective of their limitations!

There’s no doubt about it: security needs to be dealt with by DevOps and Trident Security’s Bob Masterson will make it abundantly clear why. Next, if you’re curious about how Siri, Amazon’s Echo and other similar products came to life, you’ll find all about that, as well as what’s to be expected from designing for voice interactions from Shyamala Prayaga’s keynote.

If you’re searching for solutions to making user research more thorough and less time consuming, Andrew Schall’s keynote has them, so make sure you’re there to hear them! What makes a certain design innovative? Find out from a series of business cases presented by Lauren Martin.

We start day two with Darren Spurgeon’s opening remarks and continue with Aaron Irizarry’s keynote on how to manage happy, productive, and successful UX teams – a must for all (aspiring) team leads!

Bermon Painter will be back and will answer a question that most UX designers have asked themselves: “Can interfaces truly be invisible?” His keynote is followed by Jonah Kowall’s on microservices and upcoming trends.

At 11:00 AM sharp, Marcelo Paiva will share the secret that every UX designer must know: how to further your career without losing touch with your creative instincts? Next up, you will learn how to choose the right API from the very beginning, so that you can save your team valuable time and tons of money. Your professor: Caleb Meredith.

Shane McWorther, PhD is up next with a fail-proof method to encourage creativity and decisiveness in your business from the very beginning. Once again, Jonah Kowall brings an outstanding keynote, this time about the best practices in monitoring and instrumentation strategies.

Mike Donahue is also a “repeat offender” and he’s back with a keynote on the importance of content and how it can hurt or improve your UX. Next on the agenda: are personas really helpful in the UX creation process? Find out from Ramya Mahalingam.

Day three starts with opening remarks on user-centric requirements from Mitchell Weyuker. At 10:00 AM, Ruthia He’s keynot will teach you how to create extraordinary products by balancing technology and creativity.

Next up, an exciting keynote for all those who want to be true innovators: should be create UX that satisfies the user or teach the user about the benefits of innovative design? Andrew Whited, Lead Design at IBM, has the answer.

The Workshops that Can Push Your Career Further

As we previously stated, the 2017 edition of the UX+DEV Summit has a hands-on approach. Thus, you will not only hear how the thought leaders in the industry think, you will also get to learn their acclaimed approaches and steal some secrets of the trade.

Our first workshop is hosted by Marcelo Paiva. For two hours, you will get the chance to learn all about FIGMA, the truly collaborative tool for design teams. The next workshop is hosted by Bermon Painter. It will last for four hours and it will teach you all about a flexible UX methodology that balances Agile with continuous collaboration and discovery – just what UX teams need to become more productive.

“ReactJS w/ Redux and Function Programming” is the name of the next workshop on the agenda. Led by Leo Hernandez, this 4-hour workshop is designed to make web programming “a little more sane”.

Styling in React has always been subject to passionate debates. Sarah Vesselov’s workshop will present the most common methods to do it and analyze the pros and cons of each of them. Next time you argue with a fellow designer about this, you’ll have solid arguments!

Daniel Howse’s workshop, “The Art of the UX DEVELOPER” will walk you through every step of producing a solid font-end for a product. You’ll also learn the impact every layer has on the user and, by the end of the workshop, you will be able to streamline your design process and produce extraordinary interfaces.

On day three, you’ll be in for a treat: a full-day workshop with none other than Vera Rhoades, Senior UX manager at IBM. This is a highly interactive workshop that will shed some light on the relationship between thinking, designing and Agile, as well as teach you how to think from a user’s perspective from the beginning of a project till the end.

Networking and Fun

Throughout the three days of the 2017 UX+DEV Summit you will also get the chance to interact with the speakers during lunch breaks, daily breaks, and dinners. We have prepared a lot of surprises that will excite the foodie in you! Join us and discover them for yourself!

UX+DEV Summit: Past Achievements and Future Expectations

2016 marked the first edition of the UX+DEV Summit, the largest South Florida conference focused on user experience and development. This event came to life out of sheer need: the need to learn more about what lies behind great UX and why UX designers and developers need to work synergistically, not separately.

The 2016 Edition

From its first year, the UX+DEV Summit reunited numerous thought leaders in the industry, as well as more than 200 attendees. Students, UX designers, software developers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers joined us to learn what end users expect from them, how their business can remain ahead of the trend and how to be the best at what they do.

Aside from the complementary approach and advocacy for development, UX, and testing working as a single team instead of three separate ones, last year’s edition also brought some valuable insights about up and coming technologies. Forecasts, analyses, predictions and case studies – all designed to help designers, developers and entrepreneurs better understand what the ingredients that make good UX great are.

If you’re curious about what happened last year, you can get a sneak peek into the summit via our YouTube channel.

What’s Next?

With roughly half a month separating us from the 2017 edition of the UX+DEV Summit, we already have a pretty clear idea of what will be happening and what our best keynotes will be. But we’re not spoiling that for you! Instead, we’re just giving you the big picture and waiting to see you there for the “juicy” details.

The UX+DEV Summit of 2017 will have a hands-on approach. You’ll still get to learn a lot from the keynotes, but if you truly want to get your hands “dirty”, you’ll be able to do so in one of the numerous workshops held by UX and development professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field. There’s no better way to steal valuable trade secrets!

We are also happy to introduce a plethora of new speakers, each of them with a unique perspective on user experience and development. From psychology insights to the right tools to create your web or mobile app, everything worth knowing will be covered during the summit’s three days.

The 2017 edition also brings a more focused approach to the Internet of Things. IoT is no longer just a buzzword; it is here to stay and change our personal and professional lives. At the UX+DEV Summit we will analyze how this will happen and what businesses can do to leverage the power of IoT.

Curious to learn more about what’s in store? Take a look at the event agenda here.

If you like what you see, don’t forget to get your ticket!


Meet The Speakers At The 2017 UX+DEV Summit – Part 2

You’ve already been acquainted to some of our speakers in a previous article. But we couldn’t have left out the others, who will deliver workshops and keynotes that are just as impressive. Check out another sneak peek into what you can see at the 2017 UX+DEV Summit:

Oscar Garcia

Oscar has been a Software Architect at Business Intelligence Technologies Inc. for more than 8 years. If you want to know something about building solutions with a .Net framework, he’s definitely your guy. But his expertise is much vaster than this: as a Microsoft MVP, Oscar is a wizard with technologies like SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure, and Office 365.

He’s currently working on cutting-edge cloud solutions using ASP.NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, and other JavaScript frameworks. His keynote at the UX+DEV Summit will unveil the secrets of creating a real-time mobile app with these technologies. This is a speech that no app developer should miss!

Luis Atencio

Luis is a Software Engineer at Citrix Systems and he has almost 10 years of experience in building scalable and reliable web applications. Most importantly, he is also an author of three books on this subject: “Functional Programming in JavaScript”, “RxJS in Action”, and “Functional PHP”. If you want to learn something about any of these topics, who better to teach you than the guy who literally wrote the book?

His keynote at the UX+DEV Summit will cover recent breakthroughs in modern web architectures. You will also have the chance to hear all about the best architectures and frameworks to create rich user interfaces.

Mike Donahue

As a UX Architect at Citrix, Mike is the guy whose job is to know what today’s users want and how to deliver it to them without any hiccups. His work is based on a lot of research and on building user personas for everything that he develops. Being the architect behind cutting-edge web and mobile solutions is just part of Mike’s interests. He’s a keen observer of the human mind, with an interest in psychology and a passionate believer in the fact that we should design for emotions.

All of Mike’s expertise and years of experience were poured into the keynotes at this year’s UX+DEV Summit. He’ll be speaking about the importance of content strategy and of accessibility-focused design. Come listen to what he has to say!

Marcelo Paiva

Marcelo has more than 15 years of experience in UX design, most of which in the financial industry. However, he recommends himself as an educator, as well as a developer; besides his work as a UX consultant, he likes to share his knowledge in boot camps and at conferences like UX+DEV Summit. He has taught a lot of classes and gave a lot of speeches both locally and internationally in the past few years and he is not planning on stopping any time soon.

At the UX+DEV Summit, his keynote will cover the secrets of efficient UX, while his workshop will showcase the advantages FIGMA has for teams of all sizes.


Interested in what these speakers plus other relevant names in the industry have to say? Book your place at the 2017 UX+DEV Summit now.