Meet The Speakers At The 2017 UX+DEV Summit – Part 2

You’ve already been acquainted to some of our speakers in a previous article. But we couldn’t have left out the others, who will deliver workshops and keynotes that are just as impressive. Check out another sneak peek into what you can see at the 2017 UX+DEV Summit:

Oscar Garcia

Oscar has been a Software Architect at Business Intelligence Technologies Inc. for more than 8 years. If you want to know something about building solutions with a .Net framework, he’s definitely your guy. But his expertise is much vaster than this: as a Microsoft MVP, Oscar is a wizard with technologies like SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure, and Office 365.

He’s currently working on cutting-edge cloud solutions using ASP.NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, and other JavaScript frameworks. His keynote at the UX+DEV Summit will unveil the secrets of creating a real-time mobile app with these technologies. This is a speech that no app developer should miss!

Luis Atencio

Luis is a Software Engineer at Citrix Systems and he has almost 10 years of experience in building scalable and reliable web applications. Most importantly, he is also an author of three books on this subject: “Functional Programming in JavaScript”, “RxJS in Action”, and “Functional PHP”. If you want to learn something about any of these topics, who better to teach you than the guy who literally wrote the book?

His keynote at the UX+DEV Summit will cover recent breakthroughs in modern web architectures. You will also have the chance to hear all about the best architectures and frameworks to create rich user interfaces.

Mike Donahue

As a UX Architect at Citrix, Mike is the guy whose job is to know what today’s users want and how to deliver it to them without any hiccups. His work is based on a lot of research and on building user personas for everything that he develops. Being the architect behind cutting-edge web and mobile solutions is just part of Mike’s interests. He’s a keen observer of the human mind, with an interest in psychology and a passionate believer in the fact that we should design for emotions.

All of Mike’s expertise and years of experience were poured into the keynotes at this year’s UX+DEV Summit. He’ll be speaking about the importance of content strategy and of accessibility-focused design. Come listen to what he has to say!

Marcelo Paiva

Marcelo has more than 15 years of experience in UX design, most of which in the financial industry. However, he recommends himself as an educator, as well as a developer; besides his work as a UX consultant, he likes to share his knowledge in boot camps and at conferences like UX+DEV Summit. He has taught a lot of classes and gave a lot of speeches both locally and internationally in the past few years and he is not planning on stopping any time soon.

At the UX+DEV Summit, his keynote will cover the secrets of efficient UX, while his workshop will showcase the advantages FIGMA has for teams of all sizes.


Interested in what these speakers plus other relevant names in the industry have to say? Book your place at the 2017 UX+DEV Summit now.