Meet The Speakers At The 2017 UX+DEV Summit – Part 3

The 2017 edition of the UX+DEV Summit is just around the corner and we know some of you are quite impatient. While we can’t move the event sooner, we can definitely offer you another sneak peek into what’s in store for you. Check out some (more) of the speakers everyone in the industry should listen to.

Bermon Painter

Bermon has more than 18 years of UX and DEV experience in various fields. He currently works for Cardinal Solutions as a Practice Manager and has been involved in the Charlotte tech community for quite some time. Bermon organized community events like Charlotte User Experience, Charlotte Front-End Developers, and Charlotte Design, as well as BarCamp Charlotte, Web Afternoon, and Blend Conference.

Bermon Painter brings the synergy that the today’s tech world needs so badly: he is equally a designer and a developer, so he is in a unique position to present a unified view of the two. At the 2017 UX+DEV Summit he will conduct a 4-hour workshop on the balance between Agile and continuous collaboration and discovery, as well as a keynote about invisible interfaces.

Lauren Martin

Lauren has worked as a User Experience Lead at Ultimate Software for almost nine years. She now coordinates a team of more than 22 people and enjoys building cutting-edge products every day and changing the way people interact with HR products. For more than 10 years, Lauren has been an active member of the South Florida tech community, participating in various events and founding the first and largest UX networking group in the area -- the South Florida User Experience Meetup.

At the UX+DEV Summit, Lauren’s keynote will be focused on the importance of strategic design. And there’s no one more suitable to speak about this: Lauren has a Masters of Human Factors and Information Design from Bentley University and is currently also teaching a course on human factors at the Florida International University.

Leo Hernandez

Leo has more than 12 years of experience in web development, especially with .Net and Ember. He is a great support of the local South Florida tech community and never misses a chance to impart his knowledge by teaching programming or delivering motivating speeches. His commitment to quality is only surpassed by his desire to innovate and learn continuously, which makes him an ideal thought leader.

Come to the 2017 UX+DEV Summit to hear him talk about ReactJs with Redux and function programming, as well as attend his workshop that will teach you how to simplify your code.

Jacqueline Stetson Pastore

If you’re serious about learning all there is to know on UX trends, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable person to teach you than Jacqueline. Her career in web development and UX has started in 1999 and, until now, she has worked with and for companies in countless fields, ranging from 1-employee startups to giants like Microsoft, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Reebok, Adidas, and the Federal Reserve Bank. She currently runs two of her own businesses: UX Gofer, a web and mobile app designed to make UX research easier and UXRD, a consulting business that helps companies create their own customer-centric UX strategy.

At the UX+DEV Summit, Jacqueline’s keynote will address an issue of paramount importance for both designers and developers: tactical product design. Come see one of the most prominent industry leaders!


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