We are actively accepting speaking proposals for 2018. If you’re an expert in Product Management, Leadership, User Experience, Front End Development, and Solution Architecture we are looking for talented individuals like you.



Next year's theme showcases the product life cycle from Product Management, UX Leadership, Design, to Front End Development, Solution Architecture and much more!


UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018 will provide a variety of experiences for our attendees. When planning your proposal submission, consider which of the following session types would be best suited to your idea or topic:

  • Discussions : 30-40 minute presentation covering an issue or topic of interest. Discussions are given in front of audiences in theater-style seating. Discussions can be educational or inspirational; theoretical or practical.

  • Lightning Talks: Have you honed your presentation to pack a lot of information into a small amount of time? (It’s more difficult than it sounds!) A 10-minute Lightning Talk might work best for you.

  • Workshops: Full- or half-day workshops give speakers the chance to delve more deeply into a subject with a smaller group of participants. Workshops have a more explicit instructional nature and involve direct interaction between the instructor and participants.


UX+DEV SUMMIT welcomes proposals from thought leaders who will contribute to the dialogue in our UX+DEV communities during the conference and beyond.

The ideal speaker:

  • Has insights, experiences, and knowledge to share with the UX+DEV community.

  • Has practiced and polished a talk/presentation that can be comfortably delivered to a group of up to 250 people.

  • Will collaborate with the UX+DEV team to provide the best possible attendee experience.

  • Will be an engaged participant in the conference beyond their speaking commitment.



As our committee reviews submissions, we will be looking for sessions that:

  • Illustrate the speaker’s depth of knowledge or hands-on experience with the subject matter.

  • Contain concepts general enough for attendees from a variety of industries and specialties to apply what they’ve learned.

  • Inspire or educate our attendees in interesting ways.

  • Explore new and emerging ideas or review the basics.

  • Are presented in visually clear and compelling ways by well-spoken presenters.

Our program team will review submissions and make selections that best fit UX+DEV SUMMIT 2018. We’ll reach out to all of our submitters via email to inform them of our selection.




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