Leo Hernandez

Software Engineer | NinjaMSP DEV Track

Software Engineer | NinjaMSP
DEV Track

I am a software engineer living in South Florida, working mostly on .Net and Ember

I’ve also done some talks on Javascript as a member of the Boca Raton Javascript Group

I’m involved in the community by doing my small part to help OSS projects, teaching programming, and supporting my local tech community

I studied Computer Science at FAU

I work at ThirdWave

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Keynote: ReactJS w/ Redux and Function Programming


Over the past two decades, Object Oriented Programming has reigned supreme. Bringing complicated concepts like class hierarchies, manual synchronization, and tangled dependencies, OOP often makes scaling a code base feel like a giant struggle.

Lately, another paradigm has had a resurgence: Functional Programming. FP hopes to mitigate many of the maladies of OOP by simplifying code into the single abstraction of functions. It eschews complicated class graphs, dependencies, and synchronization, favoring simple models and atomic operations.

In my talk, we’ll explore FP principles for the web using the React Framework and, hopefully, make web development just a little more sane.