Luis Atencio

Staff Software Engineer | Citrix Systems DEV Track

Staff Software Engineer | Citrix Systems
DEV Track

Author of Functional Programming in JavaScript (Manning 2016), RxJS in Action (Manning 2016), Functional PHP (Leanpub)

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Keynote: RRR-rated architectures with React + Redux + RxJS for Reactive UIs


Modern web architectures aren't what they used to be, especially for the modern front-end developers. We're constantly being bombarded with the pressure of creating apps that do many things at once such as: handle user input, load data progressively into our pages, asynchronous computations, reduce page loads to under a second, and many others. Coding for all of these constraints (at the same time, mind you) causes your web architecture and design to become unwieldy and start to slip irreversibly. The main problem is that we're having to coordinate state changes between different components all at once that are constantly changing and causing other UI modules to react accordingly.

Instead of one big updates graph that fire events from one component into the next, is hard to trace, debug, and reason about, the architecture presented in this talk uses a combination of React/Redux/RxJS, an RRR-rated architecture with the best frameworks together to create rich user interfaces in a Functional and Reactive manner.