Shyamala Prayaga

SR UX (Voice Interactions) | VoiceBox UX Track

SR UX (Voice Interactions) | VoiceBox
UX Track

A self driven user experience evangelist with 16 years experience designing for mobile web, desktop and Smart TV applications. 

3 years experience with voice and multimodal speech interface for Connected Home Experience, Automotive and Wearables. 

My Specialties:

Interaction Design
Voice Interaction Design (multimodal speech interface)
Multi Device Design
Mobile Application Design
Connected devices
Design Strategy
UX Consulting
User Research
Information Architecture
Web accessibility techniques (WCAG 1.0, WCAG 2.0, ADA, Section 508)
Hand-coded clean and semantic HTML5 and CSS 3
Speaking in Conferences, Seminars and Bar camps

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Keynote: Designing for the Invisible - the Voice UX 


With the growing technology for voice in smartphone with Siri, Ok Google, S Voice and personal assistant devices like Amazon Echo, Ivee etc voice is becoming a key experience for users to interact with any product. Despite the growing technology users still struggle using voice on these devices due to multiple reasons including what to say or how to say etc.

On a GUI affordances are clear and users can relate to success, error and processing everything but voice is invisible. How can we communicate to users through voice? How can we extend help? 

In my session I would talk about how can we design for voice user experience which solves for all the above problems. I would also present some best practices while we design for voice.