Jonah Kowall

VP Market Insights & Development | AppDynamics Dev Track

VP Market Insights & Development | AppDynamics
Dev Track

Technical well rounded person. Looking to innovate, design, and implement secure and best of breed systems and architectures.

Specialties: Architecture and design of complex applications, systems, and networks. Also excellent with Network Security, Networking, Application development, Architecture, DBA, SQL, Linux, Microsoft, Firewall, IDS, IPS, ESM.

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Keynote: Microservices & the modern IT stack, trends of tomorrow


Running technology is filled with a shiny new object of the day. Some of these technologies are a flash in the pan, while others are transformative. Learn about today's main trends, which are not only changing our infrastructures and applications, but also our organizations and cultures. Today's software systems have become decoupled, often described as microservices, which tend to match organizational and cultural designs. To be agile and decoupled, both the software and the organization must evolve...

Keynote: Monitoring and Instrumentation Strategies Tips & Best Practices


Monitoring is complicated, and in most organizations consists of far too many tools owned by too many teams. Fixing monitoring issues requires people, process, and technology. Hear common issues seen in the real world including what should be monitored or collected from a technology and a business perspective.

Investigate what instrumentation is most scalable and effective across languages, commonly used APIs, and possibilities for capturing data from common languages like Java, .NET, and PHP. Cover browser and mobile instrumentation techniques. Get tips on which APIs to use, what open source tools and frameworks can be leveraged, and how to coordinate and communicate requirements across your organization.