Ruthia He

Product Designer | Facebook UX Track

Product Designer | Facebook
UX Track

Ruthia He is a Product Designer based in San Francisco. She led the UX design for innovative project at Facebook’s R&D lab, Building 8. She also led the design for a range of creative products on Facebook, including Quick Camera and Slideshow. She worked on several standalone apps by Facebook including Moments and Messenger.

Ruthia received her masters degree in product development from Carnegie Mellon University, and her bachelor degree in communications from Peking University.  

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Keynote: Balancing Creativity and Technology to Make Innovative Product


The designing process is like a journey of exploration among several major factors: product goals, technology, creativity, and user experience.

Balancing these tensions is an art. For example, engineering resources are never enough, and the product goals should always be kept in mind. A unique design can be enticing for designers, but everyday users may just not appreciate it in the same way.

After months of exploration, if you are lucky enough, you will finally reach a point where everything seems to be taken good care of. Then a good design is born.

I will talk about how to find these "perfectly balanced points" with real world examples from my past experiences.

After the talk, the audience will:

1) Be able to convert their ideas into real tech products (could be mobile apps or physical products).

2) Have an in-depth understanding about the collaboration among designer, engineers and other cross-functional partners.

3) Get to know about the product design process at Facebook.