Shane McWhorter, Ph.D.

Director of CX Strategy | Levatas UX Track

Director of CX Strategy | Levatas
UX Track

Dr. Shane McWhorter is an experience design strategist, educator, psychologist and physicist. As an experience scientist, Dr. McWhorter developed and validated predictive models of how people process and understand their visual world.

Dr. McWhorter harnesses his highly-trained knowledge of how people understand and respond to technology and his 28 years of experience leading teams and implementing product design strategy to produce immediate business results.

Dr. McWhorter served many organizations as a UX and CX leader, and while faculty at Georgia Tech and adjunct faculty at several universities, educated and mentored the next generation of UX and CX scientists, engineers and designers.

Dr. McWhorter is the Director of CX Strategy at Levatas, a consultative digital transformation agency in West Palm Beach.

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Keynote: Strategy’s Natural Habitat Revealed: Encouraging Creativity and Decisiveness When Starting Your Company Through Launching Your Product


The "Double Diamond" has been around for quite some time as a process model of product design and development to encourage both creativity and decisiveness. Variants of the original double diamond have emerged over time. We see double diamond models with different labels are different glimpses into a fuller process that includes the creativity and decisiveness that happened before the first diamond and will continue after the second diamond.

A fuller diamond model gives us a tool to understand process concepts and challenges beyond encouraging us to be more creative and decisive, revealing the natural habitat where both UX Design and UX Strategy and both Product Ownership and Product Strategy live in the larger product development lifecycle (PDLC)—of which Agile methodology is also a part.