Mike Donahue

Lead UX Architect | Citrix UX Track

Lead UX Architect | Citrix
UX Track

I am a Lead UX Architect at Citrix in South Florida where I live with my wife Nikki and our dogs (we call them our daughters) Layla and Cassidy. When I’m not designing, I’m trying to learn how the human mind works by reading books on psychology and behavior, or I’m talking someone’s ear off about the importance of designing for emotions. When I need a break from all that I like to grab my camera and  get out in nature to get my “ Zen on” taking photos. Nature and wildlife photography is my artistic outlet and mental salvation.

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Keynote: UX Content Strategy


Content is a bigger part of UX than often realized. What you present, how you present it, and the amount of information you present at each step can have a make or break it impact on your website or application. In this talk you will gain the information to help you assess if the content you are presenting is helping or hurting your user experience.

Keynote: Designing with Accessibility in Mind


The spirit of web design is found in the idea of being inclusive. Designing with accessibility in mind ensure we deliver inclusive experiences. UX needs to drive an accessible mindset in all aspects of the experience from content, to design, to development. Accessible design is not just about people with physical limitations, it’s about technical limitations as well. Find out how simple it can be to design experiences that anyone, even GoogleBots, can enjoy regardless of their limitations.