Andrew Schall

Head of UX | Modernizing Medicine UX Track

Head of UX | Modernizing Medicine
UX Track

Andrew has over 15 years of experience as a UX designer and researcher. He is currently the head of UX at Modernizing Medicine. He is a frequent presenter on topics including user-centered design, eye tracking research, and mobile UX. Andrew loves to share his knowledge and experiences in UX and he is currently a DesignLab Mentor and an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore. Andrew recently co-authored the book Eye Tracking in User Experience Design.

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Keynote: An Agile-Friendly Approach to User Research


In today's fast-paced design and development environments, we need to be able to gain insights from research quickly. Traditional UX research methods take too long to produce actionable findings, and recommendations are often not in line with design or development goals. This presentation will discuss a new process and timeline for conducting iterative research to fit within agile development cycles. It will also address the need to include ongoing foundational research activities that run parallel to design and development.