Betty Pierce

Principle UI DEV | Cardinal Solutions DEV Track

Principle UI DEV | Cardinal Solutions
DEV Track

I am a seasoned Principal Front-end Web Developer with extensive skills in various front-end frame works and libraries. Building front-end architectures for enterprise apps is what I live for.
• 2015 Silver Addy Award for ASDA BabyClub with Triad Retail Media
• 2012 TBTF, IT Dream Team with Valpak
• 2007 Best of the Web Award Winner from Center for Digital Government in the City Portal category with City of Tampa.

Specialties: Web Accessibility, UX/UI architect, responsive design patterns, JS, Angular2 JS, TypeScript, consumable API services, HTML, SASS/LESS/STYLUS, mentoring, training, presenter and clean code advocate.

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Keynote: IoT with Metawear and Beacons


Before you attend:

INSTALL XCode, Ruby,

CoaCoaPods Gem, IDE Of Choice

A DEVICE Has W/: IOS 8.0 & BLuetooth 4

Bring A Registered APPLE ID  


The IoT world is full of endless opportunities for creative developers who are willing to connect various devices and technologies. Learn the best practices of IoT development.  See the various Cloud services with IoT platforms. Touch and experience Metawear data collection devices.  Participate in mirco location proximity detection with Gimbal Beacons and be inspired to start your own native mobile app with Apache Cordova.