Caleb Meredith

 DEV Track

 DEV Track

My name is Caleb Meredith I currently do contract full stack JavaScript software engineering and project management.

I’m the creator of [PostGraphQL](, maintainer of a bunch of tiny Node.js and Rust modules, and I’ve written my own frontend frameworks that I’ve used in client work.

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Keynote: Choosing the Right API 



It’s time, you have been asked to write a mobile app. While exciting this means your job now involves moving lots of data around the world as quickly and efficiently as possible. So it’s also time to build an API, and you’ve got choices on what architecture to adopt. JSON RPC, SOAP, REST, the Open API Initiative, JSON API, Falcor, and GraphQL. So many good options, which makes the choice very hard.

Even if you are a pure front end developer, come learn the differences in these architectures. What each API is good at, bad at, and when it should be used. Because without content our apps are nothing more than a ghost town. After this talk you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make the best decision about your next API.


In this session you will learn about the most popular API architectures of today. You’ll learn what Dr. Roy Fielding’s REST actually is, and why it might be time to move on to newer architectures (sorry RESTafarians). You’ll learn a little about the JSON API specification and its relationship to REST. Then of course we’ll take a deep dive into both Netflix’s Falcor and Facebook’s GraphQL—their similarities, their differences, and their tradeoffs from an unbiased developer.

At the end of this session you’ll get a practical recommendation of which API architecture to adopt for your next project, in addition to knowing the problems all modern API architectures still share with a vision of the future for our API architectures.

An API will always at the center of our apps from now into the foreseeable future. A healthy API will benefit a development team immensely, but a poor API will only cost development teams. Knowing your API architectures is an important first step so you can make the best decisions from the beginning.