Lauren Martin

UX Lead | Ultimate Software UX Track

UX Lead | Ultimate Software
UX Track

Lauren is a User Experience Designer and Researcher at Ultimate Software where she strives to craft and transform how employees engage with HR products. She has spent over a decade serving the South Florida community from consulting with small businesses, to founding the first and largest UX networking group in the area the South Florida User Experience Meetup. Through her Meetup Lauren has passionately worked to educate the community while connecting industry and business professionals. In 2012 and 2013 she dedicated her free time to teaching Human Factors as adjunct professor at Florida International University. Lauren is most fascinated by the psychological components of design and enjoys creating solutions that leverage cognitive and behavioral science.  

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Keynote: Strategic Design Influence


Technology is constantly changing and the competition is always one step ahead. Yet when developing a new product or redesigning an existing one we tend to always use the same old process. We start with some research followed by some mockups. The mockups are tested, and iterated on and then development begins. This is a common process, but something is missing that can set the result apart from the rest, strategic design. This talk will examine some successful business cases and highlight the key questions they asked that lead to innovative design results.