Oscar Garcia

Software Engineer | Business Intelligence Tech DEV Track

Software Engineer | Business Intelligence Tech
DEV Track

Oscar Garcia is a Software Solutions Architect who resides in Sunny South Florida. He is a Microsoft MVP and certified solutions developer with many years of experience building solutions using .Net framework and multiple open source frameworks. He specializes in building solutions using platforms like SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure and Office 365.  Currently, he specializes in building cloud solutions using technologies like ASP.NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, and other JavaScript frameworks. He enjoys sharing his technical experiences by maintaining a blog and delivering presentations. You can follow Oscar on Twitter via @ozkary or visiting his blog at ozkary.com.

Company: og-bit.com 
Blog: ozkary.com

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Keynote: Create a real time mobile app with Ionic, AngularJS and Firebase



In this series, we create a mobile web application using ionic for the application user interface, AngularJS as the data binding framework and Firebase as our data store.


  • Use Ionic for the application layout
  • Use AngularJs as the data binding framework
  • Use Firebase as the real time framework and data store
  • Firebase and NoSQL Database Schema
  • Firebase event-driven application model for real time interaction with the server
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Adding Authentication with oauth providers
  • Firebase security & rules
  • Summary