Sarrah Vesselov

UI/UX Manager | Women Who Code UX | DEV Track

UI/UX Manager | Women Who Code
UX | DEV Track

With over 10 years of experience in design and development, My passion is creating modular, scalable, DRY UI architectures. Sounds boring right? No way! I get to draw everyday using HTML and CSS. I spend most days jumping between UX Design and UI development. I am also focused on putting my passions and skills to good use by leading and mentoring others in UI/UX roles. Managing, teaching, and giving back through volunteering are all very important to me. I am the Director for Women Who Code Tampa and Chapter Leader for Girl Develop It Tampa. 

Fun Fact: My Roller Derby name is Sarrahcha!

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Keynote: How to style in React without losing friends - WORKSHOP


Aside from the 2016 presidential election, I don't know of another topic sure to cause more heated debate than how to style React components. I've seen grown adults brought to tears as they passionately defend one method over another. 

My talk will cover the main methods for styling in React. Through live code examples we will discover the pros and cons of each method and make recommendations based on your projects unique needs. By the end you should feel confident that there is hope! You can style React components without losing friends.